The Muslim Ummah is determined to protect the finality of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) and they are prepared to render supreme sacrifice for its protection.

Maulana Syed Ali Zulqarnain stated while addressing Tajdar-e-Khatme Nabuwwat Conference on Sunday. Sunni Tehreek Divisional President Muhammad Usman Haider Naqvi said that it is declared decision of Ulema that terrorism, extremism and sectarianism should be eliminated. He appreciated the unequivocal declaration of Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif that not only terrorists but their facilitators and masterminds would be weeded out.

Maulana Muhammad Raja Madni of Idara-e-Sirat-e-Mustaqeem paid glowing tributes to those who have rendered sacrifices during the Khatm-e-Nbuwat movement and declared that Muslims of Pakistan would shed their last drop of blood to protect Namos-e-Risalat and finality of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).

All the speakers praised the strenuous efforts of the Pakistan Army under the NAP in eliminating terrorists, extremists and the corrupts and assured the Army Chief that the whole nation is stood behind him like a rock to wipe out the terrorists, extremists and the corrupts.

RUNAWAY DACOITS ARRESTED: The dacoit Ali Murtaza Warraich who had escaped from the police custody on Saturday was arrested by the City Police after about 12-hours of strenuous efforts. The DPO had got arrested two constables of City Police Station, Shahid Raza and Nishat Qamar and a case under the police order registered against them at the city police station.