NEW DELHI: Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that Kashmir was  and would remain an integral part of India and the Indian government was ready to talk with Islamabad only on Pakistan administered Kashmir.

While addressing the inaugural session of a lectures series on national security challenge and strategy under Y N Singh Memorial Foundation toay, he said that India was always eager for forging friendly ties with its neighbouring countries. “Our policy is not to disturb any one, but if someone fires bullet on us first, then we will not count retaliatory bullets,” he said.

Answering a question on the Kashmir issue, he said “I have made it clear to Pakistan Rangers during a recent meeting that Kashmir was and would remain an integral part of India.  If you want to talk, then talk only about the Pakistan administered Kashmir and not this part of Kashmir. Safeguarding 23,000 kilometers of the borders of the country is a challenge, but their protection is under way,” he said.