LAHORE - Peace builders, human rights defenders, academia, civil society organisations and political and community leaders sat together to discuss the “Situation of Religious Minorities in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities”.

They called for measures to mitigate the recent wave of intolerance in parts of the country that grabbed attention of the government institutions, political parties and other stakeholders.

They said special attention should be paid to growing intolerance, vigilantism and impunity against weaker groups in the society.

The event is organized by Kawish Resource Centre in pursuit of justice and peace to transform conflict and raise collective voice for promotion of peace and harmony across the country.–PR

The participants demanded that the government protect minorities’ rights. They asked the government to constitute a taskforce to develop a strategy for religious tolerance, develop appropriate curricula at school and college levels to promote a culture of religious and social tolerance, ensure that hate speeches on social media are discouraged and delinquents are brought to justice.