A societal death had already evaded the fragile minds even before the actual death even took place. How visionary we are as citizens and even more democratic as voters perceiving the death of a lady who was still struggling to breathe for people she innocently considered her very own.  As we shed light on the judgmental statements and verdicts issued by some of the sensible power holders, it puts me in a state of fatigue to think of us living as a nation dedicated to being one.

With the death announcement of former, deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s wife one is left with no clue but to feel pitiful on how we as a society float out opinions with utmost certainty just because the pain of accusing someone doesn’t belong to us. As a lady with an iron will and resilience, Kulsoom Nawaz time and again showed the masses her death is no excuse but an emblem of how two souls can stay separated yet their cause so close.

Her struggle through a period of protracted illness and the battle against her fearsome illness just doesn’t end with her last breath but her legacy of living as an ideal struggler will continue to haunt and daunt her opponents, who believed her planned illness would face no death. Her legacy of serving her husband and devoting herself to the party mission could not just pull her mettle down instead she injected the same valour and bravery in her daughter, carrying much of it in her blood while the rest came in watching her mom drive as she grew stronger.

Kulsoom Nawaz lived a life where she stood as a pillar of hope and promise even at the cost of exposing herself to political threats and dictator rule. Kulsoom knew much about the deserters who were chanting slogans of togetherness and committed to being one, only before any calamity emerged. But, for a lady with such fortitude and strength she alone was enough to face the world in times of adversities and rose back with greater resolution. Her endless dedication paid back as much as her service to her family, because in times when the world ridiculed her illness and bad-mouthed about her sickness it was the same man she stood for all these years who became her only force of keeping the motherland first. 

Nawaz sharif , already going through incarceration now is put to an emotional loss that will take forever to heal. How devastating it must be to call out your partner in a land where none belongs to you except the land behind the bars and a heart engraved with the absence of a loved one no longer to be seen. As Nawaz and his daughter, accompanied by other family members walk out in parole to fulfill the ritual obligations, we are left to ponder who will perform the solemn funeral of our moral demise because we as humans have gotten too dead even before we could be declared lifeless.

 Before condolences begin to pour in for Kulsoom, we must first mourn our own deaths.