Islamabad - The Higher Education Commission, (HEC) has directed public and private sector universities to review and update the Pakistan Qualifications Register while providing relevant and latest information.      

The statement issued said that the PQR was initiated in October, 2016 and it is a component of National Qualifications Framework (NQF). It is an online database which contains information regarding accredited higher qualifications and institutions recognized by HEC of all public and private sector universities including their sub campuses and affiliated as well as constituent colleges.

The PQR is aimed to provide clearly defined levels of knowledge, skills and competencies to be acquired by every graduate. The PQR has been established in line with the international norm where every country maintains a register of the academic programs.    

In a letter issued to Vice Chancellors of public and private sector universities, the Vice Chancellors have been requested to instruct focal persons and relevant staff to review the already filled data and remove anomalies, duplications or typographical errors and update the PQR with latest information regarding programs being offered by universities by September 30, 2018.       

  Although majority of the universities have uploaded maximum information of their programs in PQR till now, some of the data from the programs is missing or titles of degree programs do not match.

The letter reveals that after erasing anomalies and duplications, a certificate shall be rendered by the university to HEC ascertaining that data has been cleansed in the PQR.

The letter says, “in order to facilitate graduates of such programs in degree attestation process they were permitted to upload the correct information.

The information uploaded by graduates was checked manually and accepted by the HEC on the basis of physical verification.”

The letter further reads, “It has been noted that there are some duplications or mistakes in the degree titles as well as typographical errors etc. in the data available in PQR. This has been causing delays in the degree attestation process and inconvenience to graduates as well as HEC staff.”

Meanwhile, in another letter issued to Vice Chancellors regarding validity of HEC recognized journals, the HEC has extended validity of HEC recognized journals for faculty appointment, promotion; selection of HEC approved supervisor, award of PhD degree and other such requirements.