Islamabad - The officials at the Emergency and Disaster Management (E&DM) Unit of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) have approached the Law directorate to attain clarity over who actually holds the office of Director E&DM unit.

The request comes amidst continuing confusion as to who among Zafar Iqbal and Muhammad Attaullah is the legal incumbent of the office. Both officers have been occupying separate rooms as office of the Director E&DM and have their nameplates hanging outside the rooms. The working staff is in a state of total confusion. According to the details, the controversy started, first from the ‘Office Order’ issued by the CDA to post Muhammad Attaullah as Director E&DM and later withdrawal of the same Order by the Authority, as in the meantime the former secured a stay order from a court of law in his favour. Until the controversy started, Zafar Iqbal had been holding the office of director E&DM. Later, Muhammad Attaullah was given a look-after charge of the office of Director E&DM in addition to his own duties on 3 August 2018. The orders were issued by Human Resource Development Directorate of the CDA. However, Chief Metropolitan Officer MCI, Najaf Iqbal in a letter addressed to Chairman CDA objected over the same by saying that CDA has no authority to post/transfer/give additional or look-after charge to anyone for the MCI formations without prior approval of the Chief Metropolitan Officer/Mayor, MCI as per law.

On September 12, Additional Director E&DM, Ammad ud Din Muhammad wrote a letter to DDG Law and Director HRD-I, CDA seeking clarity of the situation. He said that affairs at the level of Director E&DM are in confusion as, on one hand the incumbency and designated office of the director E&DM is under lock and key of its first incumbent is with Zafar Iqbal and, on the other hand, Muhammad Attaullah who was posted as director E&DM on current charge basis is also holding the office simultaneously.

“The Dak/Dispatch, the designated office of the Director E&DM is in custody of Zafar Iqbal whereas Muhammad Attaullah has been sitting in another office with his own justifications and stance,” read the letter further. The Additional Director E&DM has asked the Law directorate to explain and give a clear direction to the subordinates for actual incumbency to report day to day affairs and avoid any mismanagement in reporting channel. According to the sources, as the controversy lingers on, the other staff also approached the higher authorities, though verbal, to have clarity over the issue of incumbency.