LAHORE - The nation celebrated the Independence Day with zeal that perhaps cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Children, youth and women especially went green to mark day . It was truly time to go green as people participated in functions and peaceful rallies holding the Pakistani flags and shouting Pakistan Zindabad at the top of their voices.

Each year we see different clothing brands coming up with innovative new designs. They offered a big sale. As many brands introduced 14 percent sale-related to Independence Day. Some were offering double happiness in form of double sale maza (fun) i.e. 14 percent+14 percent = 28 percent off. Special advertisements attracted people and these were placed on billboards, road side banners and posts on social media sites.

Everyone wants to wear green and white dresses on freedom festival. Women are considered as shopaholic but now men are also coming up with the same spirit of shopping. Printed T-shirts and casual shirts, colorful kurtas, caps, hand bags, badges and other accessories including hair bands, hair pins, key chains, bangles, necklaces, ear rings etc are popular. Face painting, tattoos and stickers were the craze among children and teenagers. Balloons add life to any festival. This time too balloons all colours especially green and white were the rage.

People visit restaurants to celebrate their happiness. Apart from dresses, there are also special deals offered by different restaurants. To add more fun in independence celebrations, they had made different slogans to attract their customers. Some of these are “Sooper haai Azadi,”  “Main hun Azad”, “Green to the heart,”  “Different flavors one nation,” “For the love of Nation” etc. The trend lead people to add check in statuses on facebook and other social media sites that they were at that particular restaurant to tell their friends how and where they were celebrating the freedom festival.

The bakeries had made special Independence Day cakes that were mostly made in the shape of Pakistani national flag. Media houses cut cakes during different programmes. Anchors wore green and white dresses. Many TV channels had also changed their logos on screen with the flag of Pakistan. Almost every house in the city had Pakistani flags hoisted on the roofs. Streets and markets are being decorated by buntings, flags or wall paintings. This showed the love of people for the country as there had been no campaign on the part of government to celebrate Independence Day.

Since 2011, the Google Pakistan homepage has featured special doodles designed with Pakistani symbols to mark the I-Day. People take selfies and upload them on social media. This adds a feature to celebration in new style as many update statuses.

Facebook presented a special feature that you post a status with a mood setting of "Happy Independence Day", with a Pakistani flag icon and fireworks in the background.  Though Pakistan in recent day has gone through a lot of tragedies due to terrorism but we are a resolute nation and have shown to terrorists that we are not afraid of their terror spreading techniques.