ISLAMABAD-The country’s biggest reservoir Tarbella dam is likely to reach its peak level by August 20th, however the chances of Mangla to attain its peak level of 1242 feet is dim. Due to rain forecast in the Indus catchement areas the pace of storing water is slow and now Tarbela will reach its peak level by August 20, official source told The Nation.

After reaching 1540 feet of Tarbella dam one feet water can be stored daily in the reservoir, however in view of rain forecast from 15 to 17 August in the Indus catchment areas currently WAPDA is storing around 0.3 to 0.5 feet per day in the reservoir, the source explained.

Less water is being stored in the dam so in case of flooding 50000 to 60000 cusecs extra water can be stopped in the pond which can be helpful in mitigating the Tarbella downstream flooding, said the source. The source however said that Mangla is unlikely to attain its peak level 1242 feet this year. Only in case of high flooding Mangla can attain its peak level, the source said.

It is pertinent to mention here that last year Tarbella has achieved its peak level just for one day and then the reservoir started depleting. As of Wednesday the total inflows in rivers were 507900 cusecs while the total outflows were 466200 cusecs. The total storage in the reservoirs is 10.757 MAF.

The inflow in river Indus at Tarbela were 301900 cusecs and outflows 298200 cusecs, Kabul at Nowshera 63000 cusecs and outflows 63000 cusecs, Jhelum at Mangla inflows 48000 cusecs and outflows 10000 cusecs, Chenab at Marala inflows 95000 cusecs and outflows 65000 cusecs.

In reservoirs against the minimum operating level of 1392 feet Tarbella present level is 1547 feet, maximum conservation level 1550 feet, live storage today 5.878 million acre feet (MAF). Mangla against the minimum operating level of 1050 feet is currently at 1207.65 feet, maximum conservation level of the reservoir is 1242 feet. The live storage of the reservoir was 4.830 MAF.

Chashma against the minimum operating level 638.15 feet is presently at 641.50 feet, maximum conservation level 649 feet and live storage of the reservoir is 0.049 MAF. In barrages, inflows in Jinnah barrage was 320300 cusecs and outflows 312300 cusecs, Chashma inflows 319900 cusecs and outflows 300200 cusecs, Taunsa inflows 377100 cusecs and outflows 364900 cusecs, Panjnad inflows 58700 cusecs and outflows 43700 cusecs, Guddu inflows 352786 cusecs and outflows 316321 cusecs, Sukkur inflows 327385 cusecs and outflows 282605 cusecs, Kotri inflows 147936 cusecs and outflows 138515 cusecs. The upstream Kotri water flows were 139800 cusecs while downstream Kotri was 133600 cusecs.