Within days of the terrorists attacks in Paris, where 129 people were killed, the French government immediately initiated anti terrorist measures to prevent such incidents in future. The parliament has approved extension of emergency imposed by the president. The President addressed joint session of Parliament and indicated constitutional changes to allocate more powers to law enforcement agencies to meet the terror challanges. The government has approved allocation of Euros 450 million ( Rupees 52 Billion ) over the next 3 years. These funds would be allocated by diverting funds from other public sector expenditure. Most of these funds would be allocated to police and intelligence agencies for equipment and additional man power. To counter the threat through Internet around 1100 additional experts are being added.

Intelligence reports indicate more such attacks are expected in France and other European countries. However, the leaders of these countries did not allocate any funds or manpower for their own protection or the protection of their family members, friends and their private residences. No all party conferences were called.

Compare this to our government’s response even after over 50 thousand Pakistanis were killed by terrorists. Over 40 Billion rupees were spent on twin cities Metro bus while around 150 billion rupees are allocated for the Orange line train. Security wall is being built reportedly at the cost of Rupees 45 billion around a private residence in Lahore. Mega projects and packages are being announced for political and personal gains. But in spite of the serious threat, funds are not available for meeting the requirements for NACTA and improvement of police and security agencies and their equipment.


Islamabad, November 19.