Currently, Pakistan is working towards achieving Millennium Development Goals. T heir main purpose is reduction of “child mortality”. Pakistan should reduce under-five deaths per 10,000 live births to 46 and enhance measles immunization to 100 percent by 2015. This was reported by Global Calls to Action Against Poverty beyond 2015 to look at specific priorities for the country in years following MDGS.

The global MDG 5 target is “maternal health”. Their main purpose reduces the number of women die during pregnancy and childbirth. MDG 6 aims for reduction in the prevalence of HIV, malaria and other communicable diseases. In 2012 the level of prevalence of AIDS is very low, approximately 0.1 per cent of the population. Estimated mortality from TB has shown towards noticeable improvements it has more than halved since 1990.

Pakistan is highlighted in the report as being of particular concern, it is suggested that availability of health care in particular maternal and neonatal facilities in rural areas needed to improve. Preventive health care measures should also be addressed to clean water and adequate sanitation facilities.


Islamabad, November 19.