The use of mobile phones, on one hand being very beneficial, has actually turned into a nuisance nowadays. No doubt that the ease of conversation it provides everywhere and anywhere in the world is of utmost importance, but it also has serious, concerning demerits. Not only does the common have access to their relatives, but also the various black sheep of our society have connection with each other through this peculiar device. They can contact and access plans that harm the integrity of the country. It goes without saying that this electronic handset has a hand in the increasing successful terrorist attacks in the country.

This isn’t the only drawback when it comes to mobile phones. The Youth of our nation has fallen prey to this invention and are wasting their precious time doing unhealthy, useless activities.

The applications are having a time frame which compels them to check their sets every hour or so and while it has many detrimental effects, the worse is the effect on studies and etiquettes. There is no doubt that this invention has applications that are of healthy nature. It’s a pocket sized world for those who know how to use it effectively. But for those who don’t, it is a weapon of mass distraction in disguise.


Islamabad, November 19.