KARACHI   -  Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has started work on converting city street lights into modern LED energy saver solar light system with the cooperation of a renowned Chinese company. Under the project all 108 KMC roads would have LED street lights for better performance and low cost.

In this connection a Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation (MSC) was signed on Friday on strategic cooperation of street light energy saving reform in Karachi by the Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar and representative of CCCC Xi‘an Road Construction Machinery Company (XRMC) Pvt. Limited.

Director Coordination Masood Alam, Director Culture and Sports Rehan Khan with officers of Mechanical and Engineering Department also attended this meeting.

With this street light reform project, XRMC may assist KMC to draw up “municipal road lighting standard” and “municipal street light standard”. Through the cooperation of the street light energy-saving project, XRMC may conduct detailed survey, design the proposal of KMC’s lighting in Karachi, then effectively promote the street light energy-saving reform project to Lahore and other places to save more electricity energy.

Pakistan is under vigorous modernization city developing process, and projects including infrastructure, energy cooperation under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) portfolio are Economic (CPEC) portfolio are under implementation in full swing.


This requires the urgency of implementing municipal LED street lights energy-saving reform. cooperation between the two countries in order to bring maximum fruit to the public. Karachi Metropolitan Corporation plans to develop and upgrade the street lights system in Karachi for improving the service capacity of its infra structure.

Both KMC and XRMC are committed to strengthen the cooperation in the field of the service capacity of its infrastructure in the field of energy-saving LED lights. XRMC has rich development and management experience in municipal government street light and smart city, as well as enjoys the comparative advantage of production capacity in China and XRMC is promoting several National level municipal street light reform projects in many countries like China Norway, Cambodia and Indonesia etc.