LAHORE – The Lahore Waste Management Company has not seen any funds for the new equipment it requested from the Federal Government. Our sources reveal that the funds had been promised in January but LWMC has not seen any sign of it. The management of LWMC are promising better management with the arrival of the new garbage lifting vehicles, machinery and new landfill sites. The existing 900 vehicles and the highly paid management has done a great job in reducing the garbage from the city-or so it says- No official landfill sites or dumping cites seems to be the biggest problem faced by this department. It seemed that the new plan of the company is likely to be delayed till the release of funds. It is not made clear if this is a delay or a refusal from the Federal Government.

This reporter was informed by Wasim Ajmal Chaudhry, Managing Director LWMC that the new fleet of modern vehicles was likely to be included in the first week of February with the financial support of the Federal Government and provincial government as well., which has still not happened The arrival of the new fleet of vehicles earlier was expected in January 2012 but due to delay in arrival of funds by the Federal Government. He further elaborated that these modern trucks, compacters, containers, sweepers and other equipments would be equipped with sophisticated machinery which not only would be helpful for the LWMC to ensure improved and quality cleaning system in the provincial metropolis but also would impress the visitors and tourists from around the world.

He claimed that the Turkish consultants, were working on a cleaning system in the city, which would be maintained according to international standards

The old vehicles would be shifted to rural areas of the provincial metropolis while the new vehicles would be used for waste lifting from the city areas only. Talking about dumping and landfill sites, he said that there is dire need of some well designed and suitable landfill sites in order to dump the garbage and waste away from the city in order to make the city pollution free

He also said that Turkish engineers, researchers and other experts are looking for suitable landfill sites in surrounding areas of the city and are conducting different surveys for the identification of proper dumping sites, acceptable for all the concerned authorities. He informed this scribe that the experts would also prepare designs of such landfill sites after reviewing all aspects including environmental impact on the City and the citizens after the establishment of such dumping sites.

“Earlier, there were no proper landfill sites available for dumping waste and garbage accurately” he said adding that the existing dumping sites were not sufficient for dumping such a huge quantity of waste, producing in the city presently nor were they according to any standards, set by Provincial Environmental Protection Department as well as the international environment protection agencies.”

The desire to make this into a clean city, seem to rest on the shoulders of equipment, rather then better management by these highly paid government authorities and officials. Pakistan, which lives on loans and aid has to hire experts from Turkey to tell and guide in “Waste Management” due to lack of educated people in the nation. This reporter would like o ask.