KHANEWAL - An award distribution ceremony for the persons who decorated buildings and mosques with lights and other material to celebrate Eid Milad-n Nabi (PBUH) was held in Jamia Inaiyatia Khanewal.

The ceremony was arranged by the Markazi Jammat Ahle Sunnat Khanewal. Among others, Maulana Fateh Muhammad Hamdi, Peer Awais Mehboob Shah, Sheikh Muhammad Shafiq Rizvi, Muhammad Akmal, Rashid Arshad, Sui Nothren Gas Multan official Qulzam Bashi, Muhammad Ashraf Gadhi, Khalid Mehmood, Saleem Sabir, Muhammad Jahangir, Abid Aqeel were also present. The whole cit was beautifully decorated on the occasion, to celebrate the day in  befitting manner and with religious fervour.

The roads, streets and buildings in the town were decorated with colourful lights and buntings. On the occasion, the prizes were distributed to Sheik Mudaser and Sheikh Inam of Block No 2, Sheikh Taj Muhammad and Sheikh Shahid Rizvi of Colony No.1, Rashid Sialvi of Basti Chanshah, Abdul Ghaffar Shami of Akbar Bazaar, Sahibzada Ayub of grain market, and a journalist. Regarding government buildings’ decoration, Mepco, TMA, DCO offices, and Jinnah Library were awarded prizes.

Addressing the prize distribution ceremony, Sheikh Muhammad Shafiq Rizvi said that, Eid Miladun Nabi (PBUH) is one of the biggest event for all the Muslims and the celebrations of the event unite all the Muslims of the world.