ISLAMABAD - Planning Commission has released the final report on analysis/ review of PSDP, which brings together the report in Phase-I on Macro-Fiscal and Development Framework for the PSDP, and the report in Phase-II on Analysis of Projects in PSDP.

Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Dr Nadeem Ul Haque while addressing the gathering of senior officials remarked, “The Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) remains the mainstay of Pakistan’s development and growth policy.  The programme has delivered! It has given us many important projects: energy and irrigation system, highway system, most of our universities, airports, hospitals schools, basic health units etc. Evidence of the PSDP’s successful completion of projects is visible in almost all corners of Pakistan”.

Planning Commission has been mindful of several weaknesses that have crept up in the planning system over the years and have been trying to make changes sporadically. Planning Commission intents to ensure that development spending in the country is conducted in such a manner as to have a maximum impact on the welfare of the people of Pakistan, said Dr Nadeem Ul Haque.

Report has highlighted numerous areas that will help in restoring the importance of the public sector investment programme and the need to avoid large-scale cutbacks in order to sustain the process of growth and development. The report contains a large number of proposals on better prioritisation, project preparation, appraisal and monitoring.

The report also suggests several improvements in the PSDP reform process in particular it endorses the need to make the Planning Commission more focused on assuming the role of the custodian of growth and development putting quality of life at the centre of policy.

It also agrees with the Framework for Economic Growth to move the planning process from its current input-based approach to a results or performance-oriented process (RBM).

An RBM system will be an important tool for emphasising productivity and results that deliver welfare to people, moving away from brick and mortar.

Deputy Chairman Planning Commission expressed his appreciation for the team of consultants for their work and hoped that this will reinvigorate the planning process in the country.