HAFIZABAD - Chilly winds and heavy rain lashed Hafizabad City and suburban areas over the past 10 hours which created multiple problems for citizens due to sewage overflow and accumulation of rainwater.

However, the rain was welcomed by the growers, who said that the rain would be very beneficial to the wheat and vegetable crops.

Most of the roads and streets were submerged with sullage and in many localities the rain water entered into the houses and work places creating problems for them.

The sewerage system, as usual, remained choked in most of the localities and all the open drains over-flowed which exposed the efficiency of the civic authorities.

Local citizens have expressed their grave concern over the apathy of the administration which has failed to ensure smooth functioning of sewerage system.


In a campaign against narcotics dealers, City police raided the house of Awais Raza at village 54/2L and arrested him. The police also seized the distillery he was running at his house. The police recovered 100 litres of liquor and the distilling apparatus from him.

Chuchak police arrested Ali Hasnain with 15 litres of liquor. B-Division police arrested Babar Ali with 220g of charas.

The police also arrested Jalal alias Jallu with 1.5kg of charas. Cases were registered accordingly.