BEIJING - Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has said that major countries have not welcomed the US-led Warsaw summit underway in Poland.

Prominent individuals and well-known personalities have not participated in the Warsaw Summit started in the Polish capital on February 13 for two days, Larijani said in Tokyo while speaking to the Japanese reporters.

Larijani said such summits cannot be effective in solving the issue of Palestine as even the Palestinian Authority has not attended it.

“Warsaw Summit died before birth,” Larijani stressed.

Asked by Japan’s national broadcasting organization of NHK whether Arab states are after ties with Israel, Larijani replied that such ties will make loss because the Muslim countries feel hatred for Tel Aviv.

The project following promotion of ties with Israel will fail as the same plan implemented by the US President Donald Trump to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to holy Quds based on his December 2017 decision defeated, Larijani added.

Asked whether there is possibility of Iran’s withdrawal from the July 2015 nuclear deal from which the US president left in May 2018, Larijani said Tehran does not take step towards the wrong path, and there is no need to talk of issues that should not be spoken about right now.

In an answer to Asahi newspaper’s question about how Europe’s special purpose vehicle (SPV) for trade with Iran is limited, Larijani said the financial measure taken by the Europeans is just “for starters.”

Touching upon the Europeans’ comments on Iran’s missile program, the speaker said missile is an internal issue which pursues defensive policy for defending the country’s security.

Iran fought against the terrorist groups of Daesh (ISIS), but the US is the one that creates problems instead of solving them, and “the international community has got bored with this issue,” Larijani said.

Also about the future of Tehran-Tokyo relations, the speaker said the two countries are keen on expansion of bilateral cooperation.

Larijani was on a visit to Japan from February 12-13 at the invitation of the host country..