Some TV anchors, have launched offensive statements against PIA flight safety to scare away customers to foreign airlines. They invite some so called experts in their programs to bash the PIA safety. It is beyond comprehension how can any pilot can dare fly a defective aircraft over the mountainous northern areas, well known for hazardous flying, and where PIA has lost the maximum number of passengers and aircrafts. PIA is known for inefficiency but not for wilful flight safety violation. 

Media trials with ill-informed experts without waiting for the inquiry report is now becoming TV culture. Experts can guess general causes but are not to comment on any particular accident without proper inquiry. It is against professional ethics for any genuine expert to comment. 

I request the TV anchors to desist from media trials which can harm the interests of Pakistan in any manner, and wait for the inquiry result. At the same time. I request the government to make inquiry result public as well excluding parts that can compromise national interests. 


Rawalpindi, December 8.