This is a democratic government. In the presence of this democratic government, last year, the year before the last, people were disappeared, and where is the democratic government, why does it not seek justice for the disappeared, why does it not ask anyone where are these people, people are running from pillar to post, things are happening under this (government’s) nose, but it (government) knows nothing, and if it knows something there is no one to conduct investigation on the matter. Which powers are those that neither care about those rules and laws, nor about the constitution nor about the courts of law. We will stand against this (fascism) like a ‘sisa pilaiyee dewar’ (wall reinforced with lead). We will not tolerate this.”

These were your words during the PPP’s last tenure on the subject of disappeared persons when you were campaigning for my vote. How short you have fallen now. I hear nonsense from your Interior Minister every day, but not a word from you on the disappearance of liberal secular bloggers/social media activists. What happened Prime Minister? You know very well that Waqas Goraya, Asim Saeed, Salman Haider, Ahmed Raza Naseer, Abdur Rehman Cheema, and Samar Abbas have been ‘picked up’ without any charge. They remain abducted and unheard from, their families, wives, children in anguish. Yet, not a word from you, leave alone action? Your Interior Minister is stalling the issue, instead giving statements in defence of members of proscribed organisations. Sir, you are the Chief Executive. The buck stops with you. You must force the return and appearance of these persons in custody of state agencies.

If you don’t do that, you are my PM no more.

Other than the bloggers/activists recovery, you must pay heed to the poisonous campaign against the abducted. Why are they being labeled blasphemers in absentia? Mainstream Ummat newspaper and the likes of Zaid Hamid and Orya Maqbool Jan are inciting violence against these victims without proof. Is this your ‘roshan Pakistan’? Roshni does not come with electricity. It comes with justice and rule of law- in this case nowhere to be seen. Crackdown on liberal, secular, tolerant voices is at its zenith in your tenure, and you are sitting by and watching. What will I do with the electricity in the darkness of ignorance and injustice, and law of the jungle? What will I do with your Katas Raj speeches, however commendable, if you’re not to be a bulwark against actual terrorism?

Why is your government not cracking down on this life threatening phenomenon?

Take note, Sir, your own supporters on social media are celebrating the abductions. Take note, this does not bode well for the country or the nation’s health, nor for your own party. Your own supporters, leave alone the boot lickers, are not only celebrating the abductions, but also calling for their unjust persecution, inside or outside of the law.

Prime Minister, I implore you to take notice personally and not leave it to Mr Nisar, who is enamoured of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat. Take notice of the fact that the state has abducted citizens; the citizens have not been charged; nor judicial proceedings started against them. Prime Minister, who knows better than you that the state does not abduct people for blasphemy? Who knows better than you that the state only abducts where there is no proof of crime? That the state only abducts where criticism of policy/deeds is concerned? It’s near seventy years. The state has only ever abducted people when they have questioned its policies or its human rights record. May I give you a lead (though I’m sure you have it already)? The bloggers were agitating for rights in the contexts of CPEC and Baloch people. Did they deserve to be abducted? Why can’t the state talk to those who don’t see its point of view, instead of abducting them? Pray tell? Pray also tell when you might find the courage to talk about this.

After that landmark vote getting speech I quoted, will you do something? Anything?

Give me something to believe in you. Give me something to believe in reining in fascism. Give me something to believe that you believe. Extend me your hand. Bring my abducted brothers back. Is that too much to ask? Give me something to believe that at least you are trying?