Human being is the most beautiful creation of God. Being His creation human seeks and inspires beauty. He gets attracted towards the beauty of this world and its components. In our society beauty is considered a standard of praise. We get influenced by a beautiful smile, a pretty face and things like that.

In worldly context, outward beauty is considered a hundred times more than the inward. We sometimes begin having a soft corner for the one good looking or on the other hand start detesting one because of his not so good looks. Although we are completely unaware of their inner thoughts and aesthetics.

Many a times human emotions are led by the thoughts set as a base in our mind. We do not bother to perceive someone as a being and classify them as a good one or a bad one in the hollow class bases of our mind. And most of the times this behavior keeps us far away from a bundle of amazing persons and lessons of the lives they are leading.