ISLAMABAD-The Capital Development Authority Development Working Party (CDA-DWP) approved seven public welfare projects worth Rs10593 million on Tuesday.

The 46th meeting of CDA-DWP held at CDA Headquarters, which was headed by Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed while attended by the officers of Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior and other concerned formations.

During the meeting of the CDA-DWP, PC-Is and PC-IIs of various projects in the city were presented for approval.

In this connection, PC-II of project titled Consultancy Services for detail assessment of current infrastructure of Islamabad, prepare design and detailed implementation plan for Islamabad sectoral areas and major highways /avenues, was presented before the CDA-DWP.

The project has been envisaged in light of increasing needs, requirements for further improvements and better service delivery in the city in addition to a comprehensive plan for complete rehabilitation of infrastructure in Islamabad.

The CDA-DWP approved the PC-II of the project amounting to Rs10 million, with the directions to improve TORs for the consultants and lessening the time period from 18 months to 09 months. Moreover, contingency charges amounting to Rs3 million have also been deleted.

Similarly, PC-I amounting to Rs101.182 million of the project titled widening /improvement of Korang Road between Margalla Phase-I and II Islamabad was also approved during the meeting of CDA-DWP. Under this project, E&M works, soft landscaping and improvement and widening /improvement of dilapidated Korang Road between Margall Town Phase-I and II would be carried out, however, the approval has been granted subject to inclusion of details of road cross sections and justification of protection works by the concerned formation. The completion of this project will not only help manage traffic flow on this road but the population residing in the sub-urban area along this road would be also greatly benefitted.

The CDA-DWP in its 46th meeting also approved PC-I amounting to Rs1312.354 million of another project of immense importance titled traffic management solution for Rawal Chowk Road Islamabad.

The major objective of this project is to cater future traffic needs on this avenue, improve road sector efficiency on the main traffic corridors, providing uninterrupted traffic flow, stress free /comfortable and signal free driving environment thus resolving traffic issues in the vicinity and adjoining areas. CDA-DWP however, reduced the contingency charges from 5pc to 3pc.

Development of the sector I-12 remained stalled since decades, however, incumbent management removed all impediments, fulfilled codal formalities and prepared PC-I amounting to Rs8414 million for the development of sector I-12 which was presented in the CDA-DWP and was also approved.

Under this project complete development including infrastructure development, E&M works and other civic amenities and services would be provided in the sector. It is worth mentioning here that there are 6400 residential plots in the sector I-12 and allottees of the plots were waiting since long to see development activities in the sector.

The CDA-DWP also approved revised PC-I amounting to Rs223.491 million for providing and fixing barbed wire fence, boundary pillars, warning boards in the sector, sector C-14, C-15, C-16, H-16, I-17, I-12, E-12, Kurri and Rehara and in the ICT limits for protection of CDA’s acquired land.

The project is aimed to secure possession of acquired land and would help protect the state land from adverse possessions.

Similarly, the CDA-DWP also approved PC-I amounting to Rs844.33 million for development of Model Urban Shelter project Farash Town Islamabad.

Under this project improve road infrastructure and other basic facility of life water supply, streetlights, sewerage system etc would be provided to the residents of the area. The project has been envisaged to improve overall lifestyle of the locality.

The Capital Development Authority Development approved the relocation of pedestrian bridge at Constitution Avenue near Pak-Secretariat. The construction of the bridge will facilitate thousands of employees working in the Pak Secretariat.

It is pertinent to mention here that CDA is gradually attaining financial stability and the projects approved during the 46th meeting to CDA-DWP would be carried out through CDA resources.