Fountain House is created to provide relief to people who are suffering from loneliness, and mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. Depression is getting worse day by day in our country. And because of this, many people drop out of their jobs and their families do not support them. They are suffering from illness and their cold-blooded relations left them alone in this condition when they needed most. Fountain House is the home for all those peoples. Many patients after their recovery are working as a team there. They have the passion and they understand the pains and sufferings of their fellows.

Fountain House is a home of happiness for such people who are hopeless and homeless. As a human, they have had the right to live their lives happily. And they have a right that we should treat them as a part of our society. Theses peoples are very intelligent and through the fountain house platform, they learn skills like painting, handmade things and bags. Whatever they do, they do it with honesty. They have courage and passion more than any normal person in society because a common man cannot bear any harm from society but they do. Our society has no awareness of such a big platform that working for the welfare of peoples of society. We should not only support this organization but also go there and should spend some time with them. If we just turn our face with a smile then they feel happy. ALLAH created them as HE created us. So, we should take steps for them at the societal level. They are looking at us with hope in their eyes.