PESHAWAR - Due to delay in provision of government announced logistic and financial assistance, majority of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are reluctant to repatriate voluntarily to their homes. Despite their registration, more than one thousand IDPs from Sheikh Yaseen Town Mardan have refused to board the buses unless they are given ATM cash cards and payment of financial assistance from Benazir Bhutto Income Support Programme, etc. Same is the situation in other tent villages. On the second day of the repatriation process, the IDPs at Sheikh Yaseen town staged a demonstration. The officials informed that 293 families enrolled themselves for voluntary repatriation on Tuesday but only 89 of these families boarded the buses and trucks and left for their hometowns. Only eight families, residing with relatives, friends or in rented houses in Mardan also boarded the buses and trucks. Mr Ali Annan Qamar Incharge of Sheikh Yaseen Town when contacted said, There is some hardship due to delay in verification of the registration process through NADRA. He said that they discussed the matter with the NADRA officers and they assured of handling the matter within a couple of days. He confirmed that due to delay in payment of financial and logistic assistance, majority of these people were reluctant to repatriate. Zoor Talab Khan from Swat included among the protesters while talking to this scribe questioned that how it was possible for them to survive upon return empty handed in their ruined homes and fields. He said that the government should ensure provision of ATM cash cards, financial assistance from BB Income Support, Bait Ul Maal, etc. He said that they were eagerly desirous of returning to their homes but were waiting for the assistance, enabling them to start a new life on arrival at their homes and hamlets. During a round to various portions and blocks of the camp, it was observed that majority of the IDPs were desirous of early repatriation. But they were uncertain about their future as on one hand security forces had failed in deciding the fate of leading Taliban leaders and commanders and on the other they were being welcomed by hundreds of contingents of armed forces at more than two dozen checkpoints right from Sher Garh to Landaki, considered the gateway to Swat. Besides non-availability of financial and logistic relief, the IDPs upon return are also facing severe problems during their journey. No one is allowed to pass through Malakand due to imposition of hours long curfew right from dawn to dusk. Without Special passes it is impossible for the IDPs or others to enter Malakand Division. Hundreds of people have been witnessed standing in queues before the officials amidst sizzling heat at Shergarh check posts and also in front of the Levies Forces post at Sakhakot town of Malakand. The returning IDPs have requested the government to help them in getting rid of such complications. Around 198 IDPs families from tent villages of both Mardan and Swabi districts returned to their homes on the second day of repatriation process on Tuesday, thus raising the strength to 300. Amongst them 225 families returned to Swat whereas the remaining 75 proceeded to parts of Buner district. The IDPs on return to Swat are welcomed by the NWFP Forest Minister Wajid Ali Khan, whereas Education Minister Sardar Hussain Babak is receiving the IDPs in parts of Buner.