Punjab police finally managed to recover the eight policemen, who were kidnapped by a group of bandits from the kacha area of Rajanpur district, after having successful negotiations with the perpetrators here in Rajanpur on Monday.

The police were engaged in efforts in four different districts to recover the eight policemen who were abducted by a group of bandits from the kacha area of Rajanpur district after eight days.

According to police officials, their first priority was the release of the hostages, therefore, MPA Atif Mazari of the PML-N along with dozens of other tribal elders had a dialogue with Chotu Mazari and his gang where the police received one policeman Ghulam Abbas’s body, who had been killed earlier over resistance.

The Chhotu gang had demanded the release of three gangsters from police custody, removal of posts from the riverside and withdrawal of cases against them.

There were no details of negotiations available to media to ascertain whether or not the dacoits’ demands were met.

According to sources, Chotu Mazari sought safe passage and the release of his family members.