New York  -  Daily Mail  -  You’ve got to give injured megastar Mariah Carey credit - she stayed true to the old showbiz adage: ‘the show must go on.’

Despite suffering a painful dislocated shoulder during a music video shoot, the singer took to the stage for a charity concert like a true professional. And like any dedicated showgirl, her costume was of the utmost importance - so she dressed her cumbersome cast in no less than three differently designed arm slings.

Most divas are known for their outfit changes, and clearly Mariah felt the need to change her sling too, for her special guest appearance with the New York Philharmonic orchestra on Saturday night. First she swapped a diamante-encrusted sling for a white feathered look and later she switched to a dramatic dark feathered one, taking a few style notes from Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

The 43 year-old mother-of-two injured her shoulder last Sunday during the shoot for a remix of ‘Beautiful’ directed by her husband Nick Cannon.