ISLAMABAD - Unabated and unscheduled loadshedding during Sehar, Iftar and Taraveeh is going on across the country, adding to the problems of the people and exposing the claims of the government that had promised interrupted supply of electricity during these hours.

The power distribution companies are currently carrying out 12 to 18 hours of loadshedding in rural and urban areas of the country.

The incumbent government has repeatedly claimed significant reduction in loadshedding and zero loadshedding for Iftar (from 6:30pm to 8pm), Taraveeh (from 9pm to 10:30pm), and Sehar (from 2:30am to 4:30am) to facilitate the people. But, the power situation is getting worse with each passing day amid the hot and humid weather.

The incumbent government claimed of inheriting the power production at 8,000MW per day level and after clearing 360 billion rupees circular debt of the power sector, it has been saying that the generation has surged to over 15,000MW per day, bringing the shortfall down to 3,600MW.

But this huge ‘turnaround’ is nowhere to be seen on ground as there is no let up in the outages even this holy month. The people in general and political parties are now again raising their voice on this pressing issue.

When contacted, some energy experts said they have raised serious questions on the government claims of increased power generation as the people are not only having to pay inflated power bills but they also remain without any relief from the long hours of loadshedding.

The masses, like in the past, are again on roads to protest against the prolonged outages that they have to face even during Iftar, Taraveeh and Sehri. They said if there is any truth in government claims, then it should tell to whom this added power is being supplied.

A large number of protest demonstrations were reported from all across the country on Sunday. People blocked roads at different places and shouted slogans against the PML-N government, Wapda and power distribution companies.

Fierce protests were held in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan and Dera Ismail Khan yesterday while the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced protest demonstrations across the province from today (Monday) against power outages in KP, terming it a conspiracy against the PTI government. KPK Chief Minister Pervez Khattak is expected to lead the protests.

Staff Reporter from Lahore adds: Despite government claims that the electricity generation has increased, massive loadshedding continues in urban and rural areas of the country. The feeders of big cities including the provincial capitals are conducting 12 hours shutdown while the people of rural areas are facing more than 14 hour blackout. Worst tripping and consecutive power cuts of two to three hours in Lahore have made the life a hell in this hot and humid weather.

But the spokesman of National Transmission and Dispatch Company Limited (NTDCL) claimed on Sunday that electricity generation crossed the figure of 15,100MW, which, according to spokesman, had been observed as one of the highest electricity generation in last few years.

He said that power generation stood at 14,200MW, demand increased to 17,300MW whereas shortfall was recorded at 3,100MW. Hydel generation remained at 5,553MW, thermal power stations were contributing 1,950MW whereas Independent Power Producers (IPPs) were generating 6,700 MW.

The spokesman also claimed that, on the instructions of water and power ministry, unscheduled loadshedding had been ended whereas no loadshedding was being observed during Sehr,Iftar and Traveeh timings.

However, in some areas, DISCOs face technical constraints like tripping of feeders and overloading of transformers, he added. “Uninterrupted power supply is being provided to the industrial areas till Sehr timings. Resultantly, during the process of conversion from industrial to domestic feeders, electricity is being tripped off in certain areas of various DISCOs.”