SIALKOT  -  The PML-N government has detected a many areas across the country where the consumers have not paid electricity bills for the last several years, disclosed Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif, warning that power or gas pilferage is intolerable and the thieves would be dealt with sternly.

The government would soon bring such elements to task for the recovery of outstanding dues payable for the last several years, he added talking to the media at his residence in Sialkot Cantt. He said that the government had also developed an effective mechanism to overcome theft of the electricity across the country by taking the provinces into confidence over this crucial issue. The theft of electricity would not be tolerated and people indulged in this practice would be dealt with sternly, he warned.

Addressing the participants of an Iftaar dinner held at bordering village Daallowali-Sialkot, Khawaja Asif revealed that the PML-N government was making hectic efforts to overcome energy crisis.

He said that it was very unfortunate that people were facing serious hardship due to malpractices and corruption of Wapda besides a large number of people were not paying their electricity bills. The federal minister added that the government was making an all-out effort to ensure provision of electricity during Iftaar, Sehar and Traveeh prayers across the country.

He claimed that the PML-N government had achieved all the targets set for till now to  overcome the menace of energy crisis and the government was rapidly moving ahead  towards its right direction and goal to end the power loadshedding. He said that the PML-N government had managed to reduce the duration of loadshedding to facilitate the people. He said that only the PML-N had the capability to get the nation rid of prolonged and unbearable energy crisis.

Talking to different delegations at his residence at Sialkot Cantt, Asif said that the PML-N government’s effective anti-loadshedding strategy was meeting a success, as the government was committed for giving maximum relief to the people. He said that the persisting energy crisis would soon become relic of the past.

The MNAs and MPAs from Sialkot district were also present. He spent a busy day in Sialkot while holding meetings with the local parliamentarians, party workers and traders and exporters.

He added that China has assured its full cooperation to Pakistan for helping Pakistan end the energy crisis. He said that the Nandipur power generation plant would produce about 400 megawatts electricity under the supervision of Chinese experts, as this work on Nandipur power generation plant was briskly underway.

He said that PM Nawaz Sharif’s visit to China was a great success, as most of the Chinese companies had shown keen interest to invest in Pakistan in different sectors especially in energy sector. He added that both the countries had signed record MoUs for their extended mutual cooperation.

He stated that getting rid of the crisis was not an easy task, as the crisis had grown up by the former rulers in years and now years are required to overcome the menace, which had perturbed the life of every one and ruined the national economy. He said that it will take time to end the persisting energy crisis despite the PML-N government had started work on emergency ground to give the maximum relief to the energy crisis beaten people.

The federal minister pledged that the government would continue the subsidy on electricity for the common people, besides, ensuring the elimination of tariff prices differences of electricity and gas. He urged the masses to give up unnecessary use of electricity and lend a sharing hand of cooperation to the government for ending the power loadshedding. Now, the nation would have to show more patience for getting permanent freedom from the persisting energy crisis, he said.

Later, talking to a delegation of local traders who called on him led by MPA Muhammad Ikram, Khawaja Asif revealed that the PML-N government was fully aware of the business community’s perturbing problems and would find solutions to these problems. He asked the business community to come forward and join the governmental efforts to save maximum energy by adopting the alternative resources of the power usage.