Spokesperson of President Farhatullah Babar said that President Asif Ali Zardari would not resign before the end of his tenure nor would he contest for a second term of presidency.

In a press statement issued here in Islamabad on Monday, Babar said the President has gone to Dubai from where he will proceed to London on a private visit. He strongly refuted rumours that the President will stay in London till his remaining tenure. He said the President will return to Pakistan at all costs.

The presidential spokesperson added that President Zardari would remain in the country even after the end of his term as president in September this year.

He also stated that the opposition parties in the national assembly had not decided to field a consensus candidate yet.

Moreover, Farhatullah Babar also said that Bilal Sheikh was the security head of Bilawal house and not the president's 'front-man.'

The statement comes amid speculation in the media regarding a breach in President's private security and the consequent diminishing prospects of his return to the country after the chief security officer of the president was killed in an attack in Karachi earlier this month.