LAHORE - On the direction of District Coordination Officer Naseem Sadiq, the price control magistrates conducted massive raids on different shops of the city to check the quality and rates of edible items. The DCO had directed the magistrates must be present in city market vigilantly and if any shopkeeper tried to fleece citizens and found involved in overcharging, strict action should be taken against him.

Hence, on his directions, the magistrates got arrested 13 shopkeepers involved in overcharging and recovered fine, amounting to Rs4, 56, 200. The DCO on Sunday paid surprise visits to Wahdat Road, Begum Kot and Taj Pura Ramzan Bazaars. The City District Government officers were also along with him. He checked the qualities of different edible items and checked their rates too. He also discussed different issues with the consumers including the quality and rates of items which they purchased from bazaars. The DCO checked the quality of meat and asked butchers to sell standardised and hygienic meat to the citizens. “No negligence will be tolerated regarding quality and in case any official found negligent, he would be taken to task” he warned.