LAHORE        Punjab Football Association (PFA) Vice President Rana Shaukat has said that no club from across Punjab will become the part of illegal registration process.

He said while referring to an announcement made by Naveed Haider, which he terms against FIFA, AFC and PFF statutes.

Representing the football fraternity of Punjab, he said that they will only abide by the guidelines to be given by the FIFA-appointed normalization committee in Pakistan and Naveed Haider, after he has been suspended by the overwhelming majority of the PFA congress, is blatantly violating the directions given by FIFA.

“Naveed has lost all rights to participate in any football activity while he is making such announcements,” Shaukat said. “He has been suspended for five years by 23 members of PFA congress out of 37 in total,” he added.

FIFA has announced to form a normalization committee to end the five-year football crisis in Pakistan. Besides other merits, it will be the responsibility of the normalization committee to scrutinize and register the football clubs at first stage of the PFF elections.

“The registration process announced by Naveed Haider carries no value, football clubs from across the province reject this politically-motivated announcement,” Shaukat said and questioned how a suspended person can make such announcement.

“I want to remind Naveed Haider that his suspension was acknowledged by FIFA and AFC joint fact-finding mission that’s why they refused to meet him during their Pakistan visit last month.”

He added that Naveed Haider is well aware that he has no place in future football structure in Pakistan due to which he has issued such statement in contradiction of the normalization committee mandate.