BEIJING  -     China on Thursday defended its position on the issue of Masood Azhar, urging the relevant parties to get it resolved through dialogue and consultation, in order to avoid further complication in the matter.

On China’s move placing a technical suspension on the application of the United Nations Security Council’s 1267 Committee to Masood, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said “The 1267 Committee has clear rules on the listing procedures of terrorist organizations or individuals.”

The Chinese side is conducting a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of the listed applications submitted by the countries concerned, and it will take more time, so it proposes a technical suspension.

This is in line with the rules of procedure of the 1267 Committee. China hopes that the relevant actions of the 1267 Committee will help the countries concerned to resolve the issue through dialogue and consultation and avoid adding complicated factors to regional peace and stability.”

The spokesperson clarified that in the 1267 Committee the Chinese side suspended the listing of Masood, aiming to gain more time for the committee’s research and the next parties to negotiate and create a good atmosphere. In the long run, it will help ease regional tensions and maintain regional stability.

The spokesperson said Kashmir was an issue left over from history between India and Pakistan and hoped that the two countries would engage in friendly dialogue and consultation to resolve this and other outstanding issues.

“China’s position on Kashmir issue is clear and consistent. This is an issue left over from history between India and Pakistan. We hope that the two sides will engage in friendly dialogue and consultations and resolve this and other relating issues,” Lu Kang said during his routine briefing while responding to a question asked by APP.

To a question, he said China put a technical hold on the UN Security Council’s 1267 Committee to properly handle the listing issue, adding the committee had clear standards and procedures on the issue. He explained China conducted a thorough and in-depth assessment of the application moved by France, UK, and the US and added “We still need more time so that we put a technical hold and this is in line with the new rules of the committee.”

The spokesperson remarked China sincerely hoped that relevant actions taken by this committee would help relevant countries to engage in dialogue and consultation to resolve this problem and prevent adding more complicated factors into regional peace and stability.

“China will continue to adopt a constructive and responsible attitude and communicate and coordinate with all sides to properly handle this issue,” he added.

When asked that there were expectations in India from China, particularly after a meeting between President Xi and PM Modi in Wuhan last year, he said that China with full sincerity was ready to work with India to move on the consensus of the two leaders for great progress in bilateral relations.

“As to technical hold on the 1267 Committee, our action is to make sure the committee will have enough time to study the matter and relevant sides could have enough time to hold dialogue and consultation,” he added.

He, however, repeated his earlier position that only a solution that was acceptable to all sides could fundamentally provide a chance for a lasting solution of the issue.