ISLAMABAD-Amna Hashmi’s unique art work show ‘To the Coffee Cave’ started at Satrang Art Gallery on Thursday.

The artist is a visual artist and miniature specialist inspired by Japanese ‘manga’ style and Luis Felipe’s software engineering background. Director Satrang Art Gallery Asma Khan said that combining different skill sets, Amna Hashmi wanted to explore the possibilities of multiple ‘endings’ that one could reach through the choices one makes and the narratives that form from each choice’s journey. Speaking on the occasion, Amna Hashmi said that all events in life are interconnected with each other, yet, depending on the choices one makes; the results could be entirely different.

“The manner in which events originating from a singular situation occur are not always so linear – depending on our choices and actions – while things that are intended may happen as they were planned, the journey to it could take an entirely different route depending upon the decisions we take midst it,” she added.

She said that alternately, due to one’s choices, one could possibly arrive at an ending which differs entirely from the original intended one – an alternate/parallel reality, perhaps one could call it; in the same space, an absolutely different result depending upon one’s decisions.

Amna Hashmi said that this work sought to explore these possibilities and multiple routes that present themselves in such situations.