lahore -  After a relief of two days, electricity loadshedding of six to eight hours duration once again hit the consumers in big cities including Lahore on Wednesday.

The rural areas went under the grip of more than eight hours shutdown, despite claim of National Transmission and Dispatch Company Limited (NTDCL) that loadshedding had completely ended throughout the country.  The Lesco conducted around six-hour loadshedding at different city feeders, the duration was even high in the company’s rural limits. There are reports of six to eight hours shutdown in the limits of other power distribution companies of Punjab.  As per NTDCL, the gap between electricity generation and demand was filled on Wednesday morning.  The company stated that hydel generation was 3250MW, thermal 1520MW and IPPs shared 6430MW with the national grid. Hence the total generation touched 11200MW against the same demand across the country.  The power plants received 27575 million tons oil and 173 million cubic feet gas during past 24 hours, said NTDCL spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Lahore Electric Power Company has issued list of 100 feeders where losses were high and somewhere touching more than 60 per cent. The company spokesperson said that average losses at the said feeders were 50 per cent.  The Lesco decided to conduct more loadshedding at feeders showing more losses and less where the losses are minimum.