NEW YORK-Actor Alec Baldwin took to Twitter to vent his anger on Tuesday after being detained by police in New York for riding his bicycle the wrong way down a street.

The 56-year-old star was left furious after an altercation with police on Fifth Avenue Manhattan’s Flatiron district following the traffic stop. Baldwin, who lives in nearby Greenwich Village, received two summonses for disorderly conduct and riding the wrong way down a one-way street, a New York Police Department spokesman told AFP. He was released shortly after being detained.

But Baldwin, who has a history of fiery public outbursts, responded to the incident with a series of angry posts on his Twitter feed. ‘Officer Moreno, badge number 23388, arrested me and handcuffed me for going the wrong way on Fifth Ave’ Baldwin wrote. ‘Meanwhile, photographers outside my home ONCE AGAIN terrified my daughter and nearly hit her with a camera. The police did nothing.