CANNES-A great or glittering life is no guarantee of a gripping biopic, say film-makers, as the Cannes Film Festival prepares to open Wednesday with the first big screen adaptation of the life of Monaco’s Princess Grace.

From Alexander the Great to Princess Diana by way of Jerry Lee Lewis, Amelia Earhart and J Edgar Hoover, cinema is littered with biopic turkeys that promised much but fell flat at the box office. Even before its release, this year’s Cannes opener ‘Grace of Monaco’, with Nicole Kidman as the former Hollywood star Grace Kelly who married her prince, has had its fair share of controversy.

The princely Grimaldi family has branded the film a ‘fiction’ and will boycott the premiere while a transatlantic row over editing between French director Olivier Dahan and US distributor Harvey Weinstein has made headlines. And while publicity - of any kind - often helps a film, Dahan will be hoping his movie can avoid the kind of critical mauling meted out to another recent biopic, Oliver Hirschbiegel’s ‘Diana’.