Islamabad- Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan today said that he was not against common journalists of Geo channel but vowed to continue his struggle against its owner Mir Shakil.

Speaking to media persons after visiting Hamid Mir , Khan said that Hamid Mir and other hundreds journalists working with Geo News had given great sacrifices for freedom of media and for the democracy in the country. PTI chief said Hamid Mir is his most favorite anchor and he wishes him fast recovery. He further said, Hamid Mir has played great role for awareness of democracy in Pakistan and demanded that culprits of attack on Mir should be brought to justice.

Imran Khan , however, lashed out at Geo News owner saying that Mir Shakil is working on foreign agenda and vowed to continue his struggle against those who work for money and their personal interest. Khan said the entire nation had lost trust in the present Election Commission of Pakistan and demanded its reconstitution as an ‘independent and strong’ ECP.