LAHORE - Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly, Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed has proposed 11 amendments in Local Government Amendment Bill Punjab 2014.

According to Opposition Leader’s Press statement issued on Wednesday, he proposed the following amendments in Local Government Amendment Bill Punjab 2014.

Delimitation shall be with the approval of the Election Commission.  Election shall be held on party basis. Return officers shall be from the Election Commission or the judiciary and not from to Executive.  At the level of Union Council the reserved seats for women shall be three instead of two. District Health and Education Committees Chairman shall be elected and shall work under the Chairmen of Metropolitan Corporation/Municipal Committees.

The Chief Executives of the Education and District Committees shall work under the supervision and direction of the Chairman of the Metropolitan and his term of office shall be end with the termination of the term of the Local Government elections. A person convicted under any law or by any court shall not be eligible for contesting election under the Act.  Any person defecting the party under whose symbol or ticket he returned to the provincial legislature, shall stand disqualified.

To ensure law and order, citizens’ peace and security committee shall be constituted by the members of the Union Council but the members of the Union Council shall not be its members.

The number of members of Provincial Finance Commission shall be 9 and one member each from all the divisions of the province shall be its member who shall be elected by the Chairman and Vice Chairman of district governments.

The inclusion of Assembly Members in the Finance has been deleted because it amounts to arrogating the powers of the Local Government.