ISLAMABAD  - The episode of issuance of NICOP card to MQM chief Altaf Hussain has become more interesting, as the NADRA official who had visited Altaf's residence in London to process his card was a political appointee.

Well-informed sources in the Pakistan High Commission, London, disclosed to The Nation on Wednesday that Farhan, who was transferred to Pakistan after the processing of NICOP card, belongs to an influential political family and his father is Deputy Inspector General of Police in Lahore.

One day before submitting his resignation, Pakistan's High Commissioner to UK Wajid Shamsul Hasan brought Farhan to the MQM chief's resident to process the card. Farhan did not report to his bosses in Pakistan that he had been instructed by Wajid to move the disability unit to the residence of Altaf Hussain though he was not disabled.

Though Farhan was not qualified for foreign posting, he was posted to the UK without any test or interview. Before his resignation, former chairman NADRA Tariq Malik had transferred him to the UK in violation of merit just to oblige a friend of Pakistan People's Party.

According to rules, once NADRA issues a receipt of a CNIC, technically it has to issue it at all costs.

The sources disclosed that the soft copy carrying a perfect photo of Altaf Hussain is available with NADRA. Furthermore, the NADRA's most modern system does not save a photo if it is not perfect. Now the objection seems to be of political nature and legally it is not possible for the NADRA to refuse NICOP to Altaf.

According to record, Altaf never withdrew his Pakistani nationality. Previously, he was a NICOP card-holder which has now expired.

According to the rules, the citizens of only those countries withdraw their nationality where dual nationality is not allowed. In such cases, they surrender their previous nationality after which they get the nationality of their choice.

However, the law allows Pakistani citizens to keep dual nationality.

As per law, an overseas Pakistani does not need a visa to fly to Pakistan if he gets NICOP that is not time-barred like visa.