ISLAMABAD - A one-day National Urdu Conference on the topic of “Globalisation and Future of Urdu Language” held at National University of Modern Language (NUML) on Wednesday.

The conference was arranged by the Department of Urdu Language and Literature in which renowned scholars and veteran academicians from the different universities presented their scholastic views on the topic.  Renowned playwright, Dr Asghar Nadeem Syed was the chief guest while Dr Anwaar Ahmed was the guest of honour in the opening ceremony of the conference.

The conference was also attended by Rector NUML Maj Gen (r) Masood Hasan, Director General (DG) Brig Azam Jamal, Dr Roubina Shahnaz, Head of Urdu Department, Urdu scholars, academicians, Heads, Deans and students of the different department of the University.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ashgar Nadeem Syed said there were number of myths and misconceptions regarding globalisation and its impact on the languages, cultures and societies of the world. Our intelligentsia and scholars had painted a doomsday scenario with regards to its effects on Urdu language.

He said globalisation was a centuries old process of labour migration, academic exchanges, technology transfer, trade and sharing of systems and philosophies.  

The same threats and impact were there for Chinese, Japanese, German and Malaysians but they were still growing and developing since they had learnt how to employ and mould benefits of Globalisation in the interest of their languages, he added.

Quoting the findings of a study, Dr Syed said we were the nation which was least exposed to globalization due to certain reasons. He said that there was no threat to Urdu language from Globalisation rather we ourselves were responsible for decline of Urdu in the country.

He said today parents wanted to send their children in a school where medium of instruction was English. Our writers didn’t want to write in Urdu and prefer to write in English as it earned them handsome amount of money. Lastly, our sensibility was not being developed in Urdu which was another reason that taking us away from our national language, he added.    

Director General University of Gujrat (Sialkot Campus), Dr Anwaar Ahmed, said there was nothing to be afraid of technology and modern changes rather adopt themselves to these changes to keep one abreast with the world.

He said the Urdu speakers should not be apologetic rather had an attitude and ability to learn and share the pleasure of learning and it would guard the language you cherish to speak and write.

Director General, Brig (Retd) Azam Jamal in his welcome address said that holding and continuing an academic dialogue was a proof of a vigilant and alert mind.

The number of scholars, academicians and guests attending today’s Conference was a proof of concerns and endeavors for the promotion of national language and identity.

Dean Faculty of Distance Learning Islamia University Bahawalpur, Dr Najeeb Jamal, in his keynote paper, said that Urdu would continue to exist till the time it was language of a lay man, literature and culture.

What was required was to translate books and knowledge of other languages into Urdu so that we could understand other societies, languages and culture for our own learning. Other thing require for the promotion of Urdu language was the self accountability, he added.

Moreover, scholars including Dr Nazar Abid, Dr Rafique Sindelvi, Dr Qazi Abid, Dr Ziaul Hasan, Dr Siama Nazir, Dr Tariq Hashmi, Dr Najia Arif, and Dr Nasir Abbas Nayar read their papers on different aspects of the topic and these sessions were presided over by Dr Rashid Amjad, Dr Najeeb Jamal and Dr Abdul Aziz Sahir, Prof Jalil Aali, Dr Nawazish Ali, and Dr Fakhrul Haq Noori.