MANDI BAHAUDDIN-People showed mixed reaction to the protests of PTI and Pakistan Awami Tehrik at Islamabad, Rawalpindi and other parts of the country.

Some of them said that the protests, strikes and rallies by politicians, lawyers and government servants for their demands produced no fruit.

They said that basic problems they face are price hike, deteriorating law and order, loadshedding, unemployment, bribe at government departments, poor performance of officials, lack of accountability and exploitation of the poor.

No politician or ruler is focusing to resolve the problems, they said. They added the protests and strikes cause harm to the country and the citizens. They urged the rulers and other political leaders to focus their energies on resolving the problems instead of arranging big meetings that led to inconvenience of the public. Money spent on the arrangement of such gatherings should be diverted to public interest projects.

Rallies and protest can't change system and stop rigging in elections, they said.