MAYMANA- A prominent Taliban group leader was executed by Taliban militants in Northern Faryab province of Afghanistan, local officials said.

A spokesman for the Afghan National Army 209th Shaheen corps Gen. Mohammad Reza Rezaie said the Taliban group leader Ghulam Sardar was involved in major roadside bombings during the past six years. He further added that the Taliban group leader was carrying out anti-government insurgency activities during the past six years.

He said Ghulam Sardar was hanged to death in Khwajah Gawhar district and the main reason behind his execution was internal issues and infighting among the Taliban fighters in Faryab province.

Gen. Rezaie also added that Ghulam Sardar was also accused by Taliban fighters for cooperating with the Afghan government. In the meantime, reports suggest that Ghulam Sardar was executed by a group of fresh Pakistani and Afghan Taliban fighters who had recently been deployed to Faryab province. Around 200 Pakistani and Afghan Taliban militants led by Taliban’s shadow district governor Mullah Ismail have been deployed in Faryab province recently, local officials said.