The Islamabad High Court’s single bench takes up the petition for restoration of former Chairman Zaka Ashraf Thursday, with the present incumbent being Najam Sethi, who was reappointed by the patron, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on February 12.

Here is a profile of the


Major (Retd) Nadeem Suddle: He had first successfully petitioned the Islamabad High Court to remove Zaka Ashraf from office in April 2013. Later, he supported Najam Sethi until Sethi refused to favour him with a job of his liking. Then he teamed up with his earlier opponent Zaka and filed a petition against Sethi asking for the restoration of Zaka.

Amir Nawab: He too was in the group of anti-Zaka dissidents led by Suddle and ingratiated himself with Sethi who appointed him as Adviser on Afghanistan Cricket Affairs since he hails from the Swat and FATA region. But after reports of misuse of office facility he was recently sacked by Sethi. He immediately joined Suddle as a co-petitioner against Sethi and in favour of Zaka.

Rafiq Ahmed Bhugio: A close friend and Zaka Ashraf ally from Sindh, as a Board member he was nominated by Sethi to the committee that awarded broadcasting rights for Pakistan’s home series last year. He gave it a green signal and approved the award of contracts to Ten Sports and Geo. Now he is back in the Zaka Group agitating for Zaka's return to the PCB.

Commodore (Retd) Arshad Hussain: In his petition against Sethi and the Management Committee, he claims to be an elected member of the former Board of Governors. But the fact is that being a close friend, he was nominated to the Board by Zaka and did not have voting rights. As such he has in writing tried to mislead the court in order to prove that he has some sort of locus standi in his petition.