The Tehsil Municipal Administration has allegedly embezzled line's shares of the huge amount of publicity tax collected from the candidates of local government elections, which were earlier scheduled and then postponed.

According to sources, the administration had received Rs5,000 to Rs20,000 as publicity tax from the candidates each without issuing them receipts. However, it did not refund the tax amount to the candidates. The candidates for local bodies elections wasted money in the electioneering in the Vehari district where thousands candidates were ready to participate in the elections.

As per the rules and regulations, the TMA staff cannot receive publicity tax from the candidates of local bodies elections, they said. The sources alleged the TMA officials had deposited, out of the total amount, only Rs86,000 to the government treasury while the remaining amount had been embezzled. They further disclosed that TMO Mian Azhar, Clerk Sharif and other staff members had also tempered the record.

The candidates of local bodies' election demanded the return of their amount due to local bodies election postpone but the district administration and TMA staff still failed to do so. About the delay in returning the amount, the candidates have repeatedly remonstrated with the DCO and the TMO offices but to no avail.

They said the DCO Jawad Akram was well aware of the corruption. The affected politicians threatened to go on hunger strike in front of CM Secretariat if they were not returned the amount. When contacted, TMO Azhar denied the allegations, and said that not the TMA staff, but a contractor had received the tax from them. However, the contractor said that he received only Rs86,000 and was not responsible for the other amount.