LAHORE - A special anti-terrorist court on Thursday issued death warrants for murder convict Ahmad Khan for his execution on May 16 at Kot Lakhpat Jail.

Khan was convicted to death on the charges of abducting for ransom and then killing Sofi Muhammad Majid after he was kidnapped from Race Course area in 2002. The convict had exhausted all forums of appeal and now he was in the death cell after his mercy appeal was also rejected by the President of Pakistan.

Spurious druggist sentenced: Drug Court Lahore while deciding the spurious case of Bio Neutro Kraft situated on Sharqpur Road awarded five year sentence to owner Farooq and accomplices Jaffar, Talib and Abdul Rauf.

The convicts were playing with lives of innocent people by spurious drugs. The Court while hearing a case commented that astonishingly Inj Peg-INF belonging to DG (H) office and Mayo Hospital Lahore which are not only pilfered but spurious Inj. Peg– INF is also being replaced by such accused with the connivance of officials of health department which causing serious damage and such people do not deserve any leniency.