ISLAMABAD:The Pakistan Ex-servicemen Association (PESA) on Sunday supported the decision of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to reject appointment of Judicial Commission in accordance with the government’s Terms of Reference (TOR).

The TORs are impracticable and PESA had already requested the CJP recently to take Suo Moto action to separate the issue of Panama Leaks and deal with it on urgent basis, it said.

The members of PESA in a meeting said winning an election is not a symbol of good and honest leadership as majority of our voters are either captives of our feudal system or are caught up in ‘bratheri’ loyalty.

Despite claims of clean elections by certain quarters, process of disqualifications and bye elections is still going on which is unheard of in other democratic countries therefore  early adoption of biometric identification of voters and electronic voting is necessary.

They said that national leaders are expected to be extra clean and most honest; they must not hide behind culprits of bygone era; they should come clean and regain confidence of the people.

Prime Minister must take the initiative and explain the sources of income for the assets accumulated by his family and details of the method adopted for transfer of those funds.

Opposition and government should stop point scoring and join hands to pave way for an effective commission which can dispense justice and eradicate corruption which has barred national development, they demanded.

There are unconfirmed reports that certain quarters in the Federal government are suggesting weakening of the Army’s command structure. Members of PESA hope that these are ill founded rumours. At the same time, they are confident that the Army knows how to take care of its professional capabilities.  

Members of PESA condemned hanging of Jamaat-e-Islami leader in Bangladesh for alleged war crimes. This issue of so-called war crimes relating to 1971 was settled amicably in the tripartite peace agreement signed in 1974.

It is surprising that our Foreign Office has woken up to lodge protest after the hanging. The matter should have been taken up at OIC and other international forums when the trial was started or first judgment was announced.