Yousaf Islam Associates, the firm handling the finances of PTI Chairman Imran Khan , said Khan has a clear record in paying taxes, Waqt News reported. The firm issued this statement in a letter written to the PTI leadership.

According to the letter Imran Khan has always paid taxes on his income and wealth to the concerned authorities on time. The letter claims that the PTI chairman has ‘never received any letter or warning regarding submission of taxes’.

The letter further clarified that the information about his London flat was clearly mentioned in his records. “The money after selling that flat was brought to Pakistan through proper and legal channels,” the letter clarified.

Yousaf Associates say that the company is ready to show the records of that transaction.

PTI chairman came under criticism after it was revealed that he sold his London flat through an offshore company in Virgin Islands of England in 2003, as he spearheads a movement against the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over his family’s mention in the Panama Papers.