Rawalpindi - A police officer allegedly freed drug pedlars after taking bribe and implicated two innocent citizens in narcotics case, sources informed The Nation here yesterday.

The heirs of the two citizens approached City Police Officer (CPO) Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi for justice. CPO tasked SP Headquarters to probe the matter and submit his report with CPO, sources said.

According to sources, Syed Irfan Hussain Shah, resident of Shamasabad, appeared before CPO Israr Abbasi and lodged a complaint that his brother Syed Imran Hussain Shah along with a friend Hafiz Naqash Rashid were standing on a petrol agency to fill petrol in motorcycle when a police team headed by Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Qaisar Riaz raided the agency and arrested the owner of the agency along with an employee and also recovered Hashish from them. He added that police also held two innocent men despite the statement of agency’s owner that Imran and Hafiz were not involved in drug paddling. However, the applicant said, ASI locked all the detainees in police station. Later, ASI released the actual drug paddlers after receiving Rs80,000 and implicated Syed Imran and Hafiz Naqash in bogus narcotics case. He appealed to CPO to provide him justice.

Taking action, CPO Abbasi ordered SP HQs Ameer Niazi to hold inquiry into allegations and submit his report with CPO Office. CPO, when contacted, said that ASI would be dismissed from police service if found guilty during inquiry.