BAJAUR AGENCY - JI Ameer Senator Siraj-ul-Haq on Saturday said that his party had enhanced its efforts to make the country truly Islamic, democratic and welfare state.

He added that enforcing Islamic law is the best and only solution to country’s problems.

He was addressing a public meeting at Bajaur Sports Complex here in Khar. He said that JI has keen interest to make the country an Islamic welfare state by implementing Islamic laws for which the country was created.

He said that implementation of Islamic law is the best and easiest way to resolve every problems and issues being faced to the country and its people.

He said that Pakistan was the only state in world which was created in the name of Islam, but unfortunately Islamic laws had not been implemented in the country since its creation.

He said that majority of people are eager to make Pakistan an Islamic state but the rulers and establishment were the main hurdles in implementation of Islamic laws in the country.

About the changes in the current governance system in the tribal areas, the JI chief said that replacing of colonial system Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) with country’s regular law in the tribal areas was the need of the hour, as the colonial system was the main hurdle to backwardness and elimination of corruption from the region. He called upon the government to abolish the Frontier Crimes Regulation and extend constitutional rights to the tribal areas. He said that JI would continue its struggle to make the country free of corruption.

The gathering was addressed by a number of JI provincial and local leaders and highlighted the party manifesto and efforts being taken for the implementation of Islamic laws in the country.