ISLAMABAD - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has said that the decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan about the formation of judicial commission on Panama leaks controversy has supported the opposition’s stance.

“Supreme Court wants to pinpoint who is to be investigated in Panama papers scandal and that’s what the opposition had asked for,” said MQM’s senior lawmaker Ali Raza Abidi while talking to The Nation yesterday.

The Supreme Court the other day had rejected the government’s request and formally refused to constitute a commission for investigation of the Panama Papers leaks.

Mentioning three reasons for the refusal, the Supreme Court says in the letter that the formation of commission under 1956 Act, as demanded by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif through a letter to the apex court last month, will be ‘limited in scope’ and ‘toothless.’

“Formation of Commission of inquiry under the Pakistan Commission of Inquiry Act 1956 (Act VI of 1956), looking to its limited scope, will result in the constitution of a toothless commission, which will serve no useful purpose, except giving a bad name to it,” says the Supreme Court’s stance.

“We were also saying that it would be a toothless commission sans including the opposition ToRs,” said the MQM’s lawmaker.

MQM has also supported rest of the major opposition parties on their stance for Prime Minister’s accountability.

“Prime Minister should come in the parliament to clear clarify his position over the Panama leaks controversy,” said MQM’s parliamentary leader Farooq Sattar, a couple of days before on the floor of the house.

The MQM, had also supported rest of the major opposition parties (PPP and PTI) for staging walkouts from the proceedings of the house due to absence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.