MULTAN- A sudden fire at the blood bank of Nishtar Hospital spoiled over 400 blood bags and equipment besides causing a power outage at the emergency ward on the night between Friday and Saturday.

The hospital administration claimed that a short circuit in an air-conditioning plant caused the fire which went out of control for at least two hours. The fire-fighters extinguished the fire after hectic efforts of over a couple of hours. Hospital sources further disclosed that the fire spoiled over 400 blood bags, 250 plasma bags, blood screening machines and cabinets. A witness said that the fire caused panic at the emergency ward and the patients and their attendants rushed out after learning about the fire. The blood bank was set up at Lab Collection point under a makeshift arrangement after the fire engulfed the building.

Meanwhile, the head of Blood Bank Dr Mustafa Lashari called the night and morning shift to the blood bank to offer emergency duty to continue blood screening and transfusion process uninterruptedly. Dr Lashari urged upon the citizens to donate blood so that the blood supply to the patients could continue. The hospital administration is learnt to have ordered an inquiry into the incident.